The UAE ranked first in the Arab world and the fourth in the world in (launch and use of 5G networks), according to the global connectivity index (The Connectivity Index) issued by (Carphone Warehouse) specialized in technological comparisons, and the UAE ranked third globally in the overall ranking in the index Measures the level of communication in most countries (Most Connected Countries) through four axes are the infrastructure of mobility, information technology, global communication and social communication.

This achievement comes as a result of the efforts of the telecommunications sector in general, and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) as the main driver of the launch of the fifth generation in the country, where in recent years in cooperation with operators to raise the readiness of the telecommunications sector to enter this modern technology The UAE will be the first to deploy 5G networks.

Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri, Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), said: “With every sunshine, the UAE achieves more centers and achievements that confirm its leadership and global competitiveness. A few days ago, the UAE ranked first in the Arab world and 12 globally among the most competitive countries. In the Digital Competitiveness Index 2019, today we are ranked first in the Arab world and the fourth in the world in the use and application of the fifth generation, ahead of the most advanced countries in the world, and we continue to strive for leadership with determination and strength, guided by the guidance of our wise leadership, seeking to achieve S Vision 2021 and the goals of the national agenda. "

Al Mansoori pointed out that this achievement confirms that the UAE is on track to complete the digital transformation and enter the era of artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution. He added: "The fifth generation is the main nerve of the future, which is the real basis for the civilizational leaps the world will witness in the few years. In the light of these facts, it is self-evident to accelerate the development of actual strategies and plans in preparation for the fifth generation foresight, analysis and planning. With the launch of the 5G strategy in the UAE, we have established periodic meetings with all sectors to identify their needs related to providing supportive operations for their activities in the ICT sector, to provide their coverage and support devices. For its fifth-generation projects nationwide. "

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) started implementing and using IMT2020 technology, known as the fifth generation, at the end of 2017, as licensed operators of telephone networks started to prepare the infrastructure to deal with the requirements of the next phase, including the use of harmonized spectrum bands, Significant development of ICT infrastructure.

As part of its efforts to launch IMT2020 services, the TRA has formed three task forces under the National 5G Steering Committee, working in a coordinated manner in the spectrum, networks and sectors concerned to assist the 5G National Steering Committee. To pave the way for the next phase, including the development of a regulatory framework in the country to support relevant stakeholders and partners in the ICT sector to help test 5G networks and optimize the use of their needs.

The transition to the fifth generation will enable the UAE to achieve its goals in terms of global competitiveness, especially its stated goal of achieving the first place globally in smart government services, and one of the top ten in the readiness of the ICT infrastructure. The forefront of countries entering the 5G Telecom Club, which is in line with good leadership and UAE Vision 2021 to position the country as one of the best in the world.