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Vegetable prices rise by 41% in Dubai and Sharjah


According to a survey conducted by the UAE today in Dubai and Sharjah markets, the prices of some vegetable varieties have recently reached 41%. Consumers reported that the price increases, which started gradually during the last week of last month, affected major varieties of vegetables. Like etc.

A monitoring conducted by «Emirates Today» in the markets of Dubai and Sharjah, showed increases in the prices of varieties of some vegetables, finally, reached about 41%.

Consumers reported that the price increases, which began gradually during the last week of last month, affected the main varieties of vegetables, such as cucumbers, lettuce and squash, pointing out that some outlets in the two Emirates exaggerate the imposition of price increases on these items.

They explained to Emirates Today that the tomato varieties offered in a large number of outlets are of low quality, forcing them to buy imported foreign items at high prices exceeding 16 dirhams per kilogram, with a lack of supply of Arabic or local varieties.

Vegetable traders attributed the recent price increases to the transitional period of the local agricultural season, as well as import variables from some markets, and some shipments from neighboring countries to decline, expecting prices to fall back mid-month.

Price monitoring

In detail, the UAE Today, in a field tour of outlets in the Dubai and Sharjah markets, observed increases in the prices of local cucumber varieties, where the price of supply ranged between 6.5 and 7.75 dirhams per kilogram, compared to previous prices of 5.5 dirhams per kilogram. With an increase of between 18 and 40.9%.

The prices of zucchini of Jordanian origin rose to between 11 and 12.5 dirhams per kilogram, compared with previous prices ranged between eight and nine dirhams, an increase of between 37.5 and 38.8%.

The price of a kilogram of Iranian white cabbage rose to 8.10 dirhams, compared to six dirhams per kilogram, an increase of 35%, while the price of a kilogram of domestic lettuce seven dirhams compared to 5.5 dirhams, an increase of 16.6%, while the price of Iranian lettuce increased to 8.95 Dhs compared to 6.5 Dhs, an increase of about 37.6%.

Significant increases

The consumer, Mohammed Hassan, said that «prices of some vegetables, especially the main varieties of them, has seen large increases gradually, during the last week of last month, until they reached their current prices».

"Some outlets have exaggerated price increases on certain vegetable varieties, such as cucumbers, squash and lettuce, while most medium-priced tomatoes are of low quality, which forced us to buy high-quality imported foreign items, at prices that exceeded," said Mahdi. 16 dirhams per kilogram. ''

The consumer, Sana Abbas, that «the prices of several vegetables have seen significant increases during the recent period, which raised the financial burden of the family», noting that «noticed a shortage of supply of local and Jordanian tomatoes in the outlets, which made them buy foreign items at high prices "It reached 10 dirhams per kilogram, with poor quality of other items available on the market."

Transition period

In turn, the Director of the Group of companies «Mirak», for the trade and supply of vegetables and fruits, Issa Najib Khoury, that «some varieties of vegetables have already seen price increases during the last week of September», explaining that «this period is a transition to the local agricultural season, with the willingness to start offering The multi-crop crop, during the current month, gradually, to be widely available by the end of the month, as prices return to decline in large proportions compared to the current period ».

Khouri added that «the recent increases are also due to variables in the countries of origin, and the decline in imports for shipments from some markets», saying that «price rises currently a temporary situation, and will not last for long periods with the diversity of imports from different markets».

Importer retreat

“The current transition season and the shift to relying heavily on several local varieties from the next agricultural season, which will start in mid-October, in the markets, is the main reason,” said Sherif Wahid, director of the “Acid and Sweet” trading company for supplying food and vegetables. The increase in the prices of some vegetable varieties, in addition to the decrease in the number of shipments imported from some markets, due to the fear of tightening inspection on customs border ports on residues of chemicals in the shipments, as well as certain shipments to other markets in the region.

Waheed predicted that «the prices of vegetables will return to decline significantly in the coming period, and in just two weeks, with the introduction of the local crop, and increased import from other markets».

New crops

For his part, the vegetable and fruit trader, Mohammed Khadr, that «the current price increases that have already seen some varieties of vegetables in the markets, especially cucumbers and squash, due to the transition period in the markets, and directed companies towards the local agricultural season, and work during the past period to raise seedlings "We started to grow new crops, which reflected on the supply and therefore the prices."

He said that «some prices of imported vegetables have seen increases due to variables in the countries of origin, related to direct shipments to other markets in the region».


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