Point reduction Supermarkets that are not eligible will be paid by the company, and their own service will also be offered on October 2 at 5:02

Along with the increase in the consumption tax rate, small and medium-sized stores have introduced a point-return system using cashless payment. On the other hand, some major supermarkets that are not covered by the system have launched their own services at the expense of the company to prevent customers from leaving.

The point-reward system is a cashless shopping system where up to 5% of points are returned to the user, and the amount is redeemed by the government.

However, because the target is limited to small and medium-sized stores, some major supermarkets that are excluded from the target also have their own services to prevent customers from leaving.

Among these, Yaoko, which operates food supermarkets mainly in Saitama Prefecture, has decided to add points to be given to their cards.

This month, the number of points awarded will be increased by a factor of 5, and the costs for that will be borne by the company.

“I decided to launch a point sale that I had never done before so that customers would not refrain from buying because of the tax increase,” said Yasuko Nakamura, the manager of Yaoko Wakaba Walk.

In addition to “AEON RETAIL”, the points given when buying clothing or daily necessities with a specific credit card this month will be five times the normal points, and “Seiyu” will be purchased from this month until the end of December. Decided to increase the number of credit card discounts from 3%.

Regarding the cashless payment point reduction system, industry groups that make up supermarkets, etc., have submitted a request to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for a radical review as “causes excessive discount competition”.