Is there a point reduction? Absent? Taxi differences in response at each company 5:01 on October 2

With the increase in the consumption tax rate, taxi fares have been raised from the first day. In the taxi industry, there are differences in responses such as where the procedures are not in time for participation in the pointless system for cashless payments.

Taxi fares have been raised in units of 10 yen from the 1st due to the increase in the consumption tax rate, and in the 23 wards of Tokyo, the initial ride fare from 410 yen for just over a kilometer has been 420 yen for ordinary cars.

In order to accommodate the new charges, at the Nihon Kotsu sales office in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, a total of about 450 taxis will be replaced by crew and mechanics to replace the price stickers and update the price meter settings. did.

On the other hand, this company was unable to participate from the first day because the procedure for the point-reward system for cashless payment was not in time.

Mr. Hiroyuki Kimura of the Japan Transportation Taxi Department says, “Sorry that we cannot participate from the first day due to the customer's expectation, we would like to proceed steadily.”

In the taxi industry, in many cases, small and medium-sized businesses are managed by sales offices, so they are eligible for the point redemption system.

What is the point reduction for each company?

Participation varies depending on the company regarding taxi points.

Among taxi companies in Tokyo, international automobiles have been participating in point reduction from the first day of the first day, while three companies, Yamato Automobile, Checker Cab Radio Cooperative, and Hinomaru Kotsu, have already applied, It was late and I was not in time for participation from the first day.

In addition, Teito Automobile Transportation does not fall under the category of small and medium-sized business operators, so no application for participation has been made.

In addition, it is said that there are many cases where individual taxis apply in a lump sum for each organization such as the association or association to which they belong. While participating, the Tokyo Taxi Association is applying and not participating.

In this way, in the taxi industry, participation in the point redemption system is different, and it is necessary for the user to check whether the car is eligible for point redemption.