China has become a threat to the Western and especially European economy. Trump warned, has Europe been too naive about its economic development?

The People's Republic of China is 70 years old. By becoming the second largest economy in the world, it has become a threat to Western countries.

It is Donald Trump who says it the strongest: China plunders our technologies, protects its companies and gives us an unfair competition by massively helping its national champions. Hence the strategy of the arm wrestling, led by rising customs taxes, that no Western country had ever dared. Why ? Because Western leaders have long seen China only as a big market that had to be spared. In President Chirac's time, we were going to China with the hope of bringing in a harvest of major sales contracts for Airbus, TGV and nuclear power plants, even if we accept major technology transfers. With this argument a little arrogant, the delay is such that the time they catch up with us, we will be switched to the next technology.

It was probably a bit naive.

The maturity of the Chinese economy today is impressive, see the leap forward in the electric car, see their mastery of nuclear, high-speed or telecom equipment. But most of all, the West (and Europe in particular) was extremely naive when China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001. In return for Immediate access to our markets, Beijing promised that after 15 years, it would open its economy in the same conditions to our companies. For 15 years, China has benefited from a privileged access to our markets. But after this time, she still has not honored his promise to do the same. We are here today. Reciprocity is a decoy. Trump says loudly, we much less. China has awakened. It is time for Europe to do the same.