Consumption tax rate 10% Increased revenue usage 1 Oct. 0:44

The increase in revenue associated with the tax rate increase is expected to be around 5.70 trillion yen. Half of this is devoted to the enhancement of social security, and the other half is used for fiscal soundness to secure a stable source of social security.

In the enhancement of social security, about 1.7 trillion yen will be allocated to reduce the burden of education and support for the child-rearing generation. According to a trial calculation by the government, 776.4 billion yen will be provided for free childcare and childcare. It is 760 billion yen to reduce the burden of higher education for lower households.

In addition, it is expected that approximately ¥ 1.1 trillion will be devoted to reducing nursing care premiums for low-income earners and providing benefits for low-pension elderly people.

As a result, the government wants to convert social security centered on the elderly to “all-generation” social security that is more directed at the child-rearing generation.

Free infant education and childcare

The pillar of “all generations” is the free education for early childhood education and childcare.

For children aged 3 to 5 years old, usage fees for kindergartens, licensed nurseries, certified children's gardens, company-led nurseries, etc. will be free, regardless of household income.

Some private kindergartens that have their own usage fees will receive benefits up to 25,700 yen per month.

In addition, non-authorized childcare facilities will be paid up to 37,000 yen per month if the need for childcare is recognized.

“Childcare” in the kindergarten, where the child is kept at the end of the normal kindergarten time, such as when the parent is at work, is also necessary for childcare, such as working or nursing care from the municipality If sex is accepted, depending on the number of days used, benefits will be paid up to a maximum of 11,300 yen per month.

Children 0 to 2 years old

For children from 0 to 2 years old, only for non-resident households who are tax exempted from resident tax, there is no charge for use of approved childcare centers, certified children's gardens, company-led childcare centers, etc. Benefits will be paid up to 42,000 yen.

Eliminate waiting children

In addition, the government will use the revenue increase this time to prepare for childcare for 320,000 children by the end of the next fiscal year to eliminate waiting queues, and to secure childcare workers and improve treatment.

Support for higher education

Furthermore, for higher education such as universities, the admission fee and tuition fees will be reduced and benefit-type scholarships will be provided to households that are exempt from resident tax and equivalent households from April next year. It has become.

Nursing care personnel

In addition, the salary of veteran nursing staff, who will serve as leaders in the field, will be raised by 80,000 yen per month to eliminate the shortage of human resources in the nursing field.

Support for the elderly

In addition, the monthly fee is 5000 yen for the elderly with low income such as expenses and pensions, etc. to reduce the burden of care insurance premiums for the elderly according to the income of the elderly, for households where the resident tax is not taxed It will also be used for expenses for providing new benefits based on.