Fast food chain McDonald's has opted for a Beyond Meat vega burger for a test at 28 Canadian locations, the company reports Thursday. The share is more than 13 percent in the plus during trading.

The citizen will be tested from Monday at the selected locations, and will be called 'PLT', as a reference to the traditional BLT sandwich. The abbreviation stands for plant, lettuce, tomato (plant, lettuce, tomato, ed.), Instead of bacon, lettuce, tomato .

Among investors, rumors of cooperation between the two companies have recently led to the purchase of shares of Beyond Meat. They saw the vegaburger maker as a big contender, and expect that the value of the share would peak after the announcement of the collaboration.

It is not yet clear whether the test with vega burgers will also be rolled out in other countries by McDonald's. The fast food chain already offers other vegetarian options, including a vegakipburger in the Netherlands. For this McDonald's uses a burger from Valess, the vegetarian burger from FrieslandCampina, in the Netherlands.

Burger King already preceded McDonald's with a large collaboration with the vegan brand Impossible Foods, the company behind the Impossible Burger.

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Improvement: An earlier version of this story stated that it was a test in the US. That must be Canada.