E-cigarette company JUUL Labs will stop advertising its products in the United States, it announced Wednesday. CEO Kevin Burns is also leaving.

The company, which is the market leader in e-cigarettes in the US, is under attack due to the large increase in vaping among teenagers. Many e-cigarette providers started by stating that existing smokers were the target group, but the large increase among other groups seems to prove the opposite.

With the campaign text "Make the switch", according to the American agency for food quality, JUUL would make people think that e-cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes. That campaign is therefore also being stopped.

In addition, JUUL resigns itself to the ban that US President Donald Trump has imposed on the US on e-cigarettes with a taste.

The CEO of JUUL is being replaced by KC Croswaite from Altria, a tobacco company that has a 35 percent stake in the e-cigarette maker.

Altria and Philip Morris merger talks stranded

The merger talks between Philip Morris International and Altria also came to an end on Wednesday. Ten years ago the company broke down and there seemed to be a reunification.

The two offer the same brands, but focus on different countries. The companies indicated that they both want to focus further on IQOS products, where tobacco is heated. They emphasized that this is not an 'e-vaping product'.

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