The Gaming Authority (Ksa) has imposed a fine of 400,000 euros on TSG Interactive Gaming Europe Limited, the parent company of poker website Offering a game of chance with which money can be won, such as poker, is only permitted if a license has been granted. That is not the case now.

In the Netherlands, Holland Casino is only allowed to play poker to offer money in one of its physical locations, because it is seen as a game of chance. Everything else - both physically and online - is illegal.

TSG is fined because, according to the Ksa, the company focuses explicitly on Dutch consumers, while it is prohibited in the Netherlands. The fact that TSG also focuses on Dutch people is apparent from the fact that the website is accessible from the Netherlands, there is a contact form on in Dutch and that Dutch consumers have the option to pay with iDEAL.

Two Dutch organizations for addiction care are also mentioned on the poker website and the Netherlands is not on a list of countries from which participation is not permitted.

Poker is not seen as a game of chance in all countries, but in the Netherlands it is. The Supreme Court, the highest court, determined this in 1998.