A symposium on the issues of the increasing number of non-regular civil servants and female employees September 23, 1:22

A symposium was held in Tokyo to discuss the challenges faced by female employees who make up the majority of non-regular civil servants who work temporarily and irregularly.

This symposium was attended by NPOs that support non-regular civil servants who work temporarily or part-time in local governments, and more than 200 people participated.

Among them, emeritus professor Mieko Takenobu of Wako University, who is familiar with women's labor issues, said, “While female non-regular civil servants are engaged in important public affairs such as childcare workers and DV-domestic violence damage, “It's about 10,000 yen. It is a form of overcoming the financial difficulties of local governments with women's low wages and precarious employment.”

In addition, a panel discussion with non-regular public officials was also held, and among them, Mr. Satoshi Yamagishi, who works for Hello Work in Chiba Prefecture, said, `` It is not just a woman or a man but a legitimate evaluation based on the ability of the work and the quality of the services provided by the people I want you to do it. "

According to a 2016 survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the number of non-regular civil servants working in local governments and other nations has increased dramatically to over 640,000, with over 480,000 women accounting for three-quarters of the total. .

One of the executive committee members of the symposium, Yoji Kamibayashi, director of the NPO “Government Working Poor Study Group” said, “In order not to leave a society in which women are hard to work and remain active, women's non-regular public employees are facing. I want you to think more about the problem. "