Short distance on land, Yamagata, right thigh discomfort due to discomfort End of season September 22 13:28

Ryota Yamazaki, a short-distance athlete on land, was scheduled to participate in the All Japan Business Championships men's 200 meters on the 22nd as a return from lung illness and injury, but missed the race due to the discomfort of the right foot thigh. Finished.

Yamagata is one of Japan's leading sprinters with a 10-meter score of 10:00, a 100th-year-old boy in Japan. This season, he missed the Japan Championship due to a lung disease and was injured in Qatar next week. I was out of the representatives at the opening World Championship.

On the 22nd, he was scheduled to participate in the 200m of the All Japan Business Championships held in Osaka as a race since May. However, after warming up at the venue, he decided to miss the right foot thigh. It was.

In the future, Yamagata will not participate in competitions such as national polity, but will finish the season as it is, so he will coordinate for the Tokyo Olympics next year.

“I was able to practice better than when it was bad, but I felt uncomfortable. "