Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg , who has become the 'face' of the fight against climate change, continues to unleash the controversy. Today, the acting minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has criticized that "there are those who, in my opinion absolutely unpresentable, require [a Thunberg] a level of knowledge, congruence, and coherence in the answers that a Nobel Prize is not required. "

The declarations of Ribera have been produced in New York, where the minister is to attend the Climate Summit , an initiative of the United Nations and in particular of its secretary general, António Guterres , which representatives of most of them will attend on Monday of the governments of the world, together with members of the business community and environmental organizations. And, of course, of Greta, as it is known colloquially, which will be addressed to attendees at the UN. For Ribera, "the message that Greta Thunberg is sending is enormously powerful and important."

Apart from the great lines of political action, Ribera also entered into the most problematic details when EL MUNDO asked him about the impact on employment of the measures decided by the Government of which he is a part to combat climate change, especially the closure next year of several coal-fired power plants, which will have a strong impact on employment in communities such as Asturias, Castilla y León, and Galicia.

The minister insisted that what the Government of Pedro Sánchez is doing is the right thing, and indirectly blamed his predecessors - Mariano Rajoy and also the socialist José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero - for having ignored the reality of the climate crisis. "We have said it from day one: we are in a process of transformation that we knew was going to happen for 10 years," he said. According to Ribera, "if it had started 10 years ago it would have arrived in better conditions."

Ribera once again defended the Government's line that what he called "a commitment of solidarity" is necessary to "build alternatives" to the thermal ones that will be closed in 2020. He also defended what he described as "the recognition of what has been the contribution to the development of these plants for several decades. " The minister said "that is something that has been forgotten with the miners", and that it can happen again now. "It's silly to say" you were worth us but now you don't serve us ".

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