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The leader of the Guardians of the Revolution, Major General Hossein Salami, on 29 December 2018 in Tehran (image for illustration). ATTA KENARE / AFP

Washington on Friday announced sending military reinforcements to the Gulf following attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. The Islamic Republic of Iran warns against military action.

" Whoever wants his land to be the main battlefield, go ahead, " said the head of the Revolutionary Guards , General Hossein Salami, at a press conference in Tehran on Saturday. We will never allow a war to encroach on the territory of Iran. "

New US sanctions

Statements from the Iranian elite unit following Friday's announcement by the United States of reinforcements in the Gulf following attacks on Saudi oil facilities on 14 September. For even though these were claimed by the Houthi rebels of Yemen, Riyadh and Washington attribute them to Tehran.

The United States has also announced new sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran. "This means there will be no more money going to the Revolutionary Guards (...) to finance terrorism, " said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

For months, tension has risen between Washington and Tehran, reviving the fear of a military clash. But the Islamic Republic raises warnings against any military action .

The historical " adventures " of the United States against Iran

" We hope they will not make a strategic mistake " as in the past, General Salami added, before listing a series of historic " adventures " by the United States against Iran.

( with AFP )