Cityscape Global 2019 will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from September 25 to 27 under the theme: 'Adapting to Change'.

Chris Speller, director of the global exhibition group Informa, predicted that this year's edition of Cityscape Global will see attractive discounts, attractive payment plans and easy down payments from real estate companies.

He pointed to «Emirates Today» to the existence of great competitiveness among companies to offer real estate products meet the wishes of various segments of the real estate market.

He added: `` There are billions of projects will be presented in (Cityscape Global 2019), where companies are seeking to develop residential complexes with competitive specifications designed according to international standards, in addition to the announcement of many of the participating facilities for the discounts and privileges on real estate transactions that will take place during the exhibition ». He added that these facilities are a catalyst to accelerate the movement of buying and selling, especially in light of the availability of many options for dealers and investors in one place, under the umbrella of the exhibition, which enhances the process of supply and demand, and accelerate decision-making, and the completion of transactions.

Speller stressed that the Dubai real estate market is stabilizing while many international real estate markets are experiencing some fluctuations, due to the impact of many factors.

He pointed out that in view of the performance of the real estate sector in Dubai and its comparison with its counterparts regionally and globally, the emirate's real estate market is stable and its ability to overcome the challenges, while highlighting the importance of the package of government initiatives that we have seen the launch, because of its positive impact in supporting the sector Local real estate, enhance levels of confidence in the real estate market.

Speller pointed out that the government support efforts have enhanced the competitive position of the UAE real estate market, maintaining its transparency and the efficiency of its related transactions, pointing to the issuance of Law No. 4 of 2019 on the “Real Estate Regulatory Agency”, in addition to a set of laws and a series of government initiatives that Previously issued, such as the Foreign Ownership of Entire Companies Act, long-term visas for skilled professionals and investors, as well as a lease-to-own system, aimed at enhancing the ability of individuals to own and buy property.

“In line with these visions, we are striving through the exhibition platform to offer unique opportunities with rewarding financial returns,” he said.