Emirates has announced a new technological leadership as it became the first airline outside the United States to receive the approval of the US Border Protection Agency to use biometric measurements to board aircraft.

The announcement came on the eve of the Civil Aviation Security Conference, which begins at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai tomorrow (Sunday 22 September) and runs until September 24. The conference is one of the most important aviation security events in the region and globally.

Emirates customers traveling from Dubai to any of the 12 US destinations will have the option to choose face recognition at departure gates, reducing the time it takes to validate identity checks to two seconds or less. Customers do not need to pre-register and are free to choose not to use this technology. Emirates does not store or store any biometric records of its customers. The US Border Protection Agency also manages all data completely securely.

During the high season, in July and August, Emirates tested the technology at the departure gates from Dubai to New York and Los Angeles. The results are very encouraging, with some flights going up to 100% biometric to planes without the need for the traditional manual method. Emirates expects that biometric technology will be used to board aircraft to all destinations in the United States after the installation of the devices on the gates by the end of this year.

How biometric boarding works: At the boarding gate, the system clicks on the passenger image, and it is instantly matched with the images saved by the US Border Protection Agency to verify the identity of the person within two seconds or less. The system may not work for those who have not traveled to the United States for long periods or for whom the US Border Protection Agency does not keep pictures, in which case they can simply go to the gate to verify their identities in the traditional way.

“Emirates continues to explore and invest in innovative, hassle-free, convenient travel solutions, but safety and security are always our top priorities. Our ultimate goal is to help our passengers travel without paper and without the need to highlight Biometric boarding is another step in simplifying our operations using digital technology, saving our customers time and giving them peace of mind.We are in constant contact with the authorities of many countries to adopt face recognition technology safely and make it more efficient. There is acceptance. "

John Wagner, Assistant Commissioner for Field Operations at the US Border Protection Agency, said: “We are working with all stakeholders, such as Emirates, to achieve a simplified and safe travel process in line with modernization efforts in the travel and tourism sector. His travel or visa copy issued in advance, simplify the process of identity verification and provide a safe and comfortable travel experience. "

Since June, Emirates has approved the biometric ascent of passengers on its flights from Washington, DC to Dubai. The airline expects the technology to be rolled out to all airports served by US flights. Emirates currently operates to 12 cities in the United States: New York, Newark, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. In October 2018, Emirates launched the world's first bio-route to offer customers a seamless flight at Dubai International Airport.