Apple today announced the launch of its new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and Apple Watch 5th Generation across its regional stores. In the UAE.

The dealers of the Indian nationality received the first receipt of the new phones, followed by three dealers of the Uzbek nationality, while hundreds of consumers lined up to buy and receive new phones either through pre-booking through the company's website or through direct purchase.

During the launch of the product at the Apple Mall in the Dubai Mall, Emirates Today has seen crowds and waiting queues from dealers, with high turnout concentrating on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro. Max, while being the first version of the "iPhone" triple camera, and the new colors introduced by the company for the first time the phones accounted for a large share of the demand of dealers, especially dark green "Midnight Green", while consumers pointed out that they had to wait for long hours since Friday night to book their queues to receive phones.
In detail, Indian consumer Salman Kazhannahma said he had waited for his turn at the Dubai Mall near Apple's regional outlet since 9 pm on Thursday to pick up his iPhone 11 Pro until he was surprised to be the first recipient. .

The consumer, Nias Naseeruddin, pointed out that he "came before the delivery of phones from seven o'clock in the morning to be able to buy the watch" Apple Watch "of the fifth version, and the phone" iPhone 11 Pro Max, "early for fear of waiting for long periods," and that according For his position in the queues of waiting was able to receive the products ninth and a half, "pointing out that" preferred to buy quality "iPhone 11 Max", for two reasons the first availability of new technical specifications, most notably the triple camera, in addition to the largest measurements in terms of the screen in the new versions.

The consumer, Abdullah Abbas, that he "took his role in the queue received new phones since six in the morning, pointing out that he preferred with a number of friends to buy the phone version" iPhone 11 Pro ", because it is one of the first versions of the company triple camera, and he bought the color First introduced by the company for those phones of dark green or so-called "Midnight Green."

In turn, the consumer, Mohamed Abed, that he "waited for a period of five hours to get the phone" iPhone Pro Max "direct purchase system with the fear of not being available only in advance booking, but he found availability in the store, and preferred to buy the new color offered for the phone Of "Dark Green".

Mr. Kavish, a consumer, said he was "afraid of not being able to buy directly from the store, so he made a pre-booking a week ago for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and took delivery after three hours of waiting, and he preferred to buy the new color." Posed by the company of dark green. "

He agreed with the preference for the new color of dark green, the consumer Amer Hussein, who bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max, pointing out that "and his friends focused on buying that version or the version of" iPhone 11 Pro "for being the most acquisition of" Apple "technology New for the three cameras and their video shooting systems.

Apple has three regional stores across the UAE in the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, and Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. Distribution in Saudi Arabia.