A retail organization requests a review from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at 17:48 on September 18

Regarding the cashless payment point reduction system that will be introduced in line with the consumption tax rate increase next month, industry groups that make up supermarkets, etc., have requested a request for a radical review as “cause excessive discount competition”, etc. Submitted to the Ministry.

Requests were submitted by four organizations in the retail industry, such as “Japan Chain Store Association” and “Japan Supermarket Association”.

According to the request, we are requesting a radical review of the pointless system for cashless payments introduced in conjunction with the increase in the consumption tax rate, stating that there is a strong concern from the perspective of ensuring fair and fair competition.

In particular, when major convenience stores, etc. deduct the amount equivalent to the point reduction at the time of payment from the purchase amount and make a substantial discount, “It may lead to flaring deflation through excessive price reduction competition.” As a rule, we ask you not to accept.

Yukio Kawano, chairman of the Japan Supermarket Association at the press conference, said, “This policy is the biggest impact on small and medium-sized shops in towns that cannot handle cashlessness. Through this request, I understand again the situation we are in. I want you to do it. "