As oil prices hit a record high, threatening prices at the pump, the UFC-Que Choisir consumer association is calling on the government to remove one of the fuel taxes.


"It's not up to the tankers to make an effort". While the Secretary of State for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebarri called the oil companies to show "moderation" to limit the rise in prices at the pump, the CEO of Total, Patrick Pouyanné, this morning answered on Europe 1. He believes that it is up to the government to make an effort to reduce the bill at the pump by playing on taxation. He said he favored the introduction of a floating tax to limit the rise in prices.

>> INFORMATION EUROPE 1 - UFC-Que Choisir will launch a petition to demand the removal of a tax on fuel

"The taxes are high, we know, in the price at the pump, on 1.50 euro, there are 40 cents of oil, after that are taxes.I have already pronounced on the idea of ​​a tax A part of the taxes at the price of oil is a damping means.The margin of Total is low: a penny per liter.We are well aware of all that ... I heard the call.I think the markets are going to calm down, we are going to look at the small part that suits us to make sure that all this happens at best. "We observe every day," he said.