Financial Services Agency council reporting “Approximately ¥ 20 million after retirement” To resume discussion next month September 19 5:10

The FSA's council was criticized for a report saying it needed about 20 million yen after retirement, and next month it will resume discussions on how to form assets in a working group of the same experts It was. On the other hand, the report is expected to remain as it is without amendment as respecting the discussions so far.

Experts discussed in a working group under the council of the Financial Services Agency to show how to prepare for the financial aspects of a report that says, “Our 20 million yen will be needed” after retirement. It was compiled in June.

However, many criticisms have been raised against this report, and the deputy prime minister and minister in charge of finance did not receive the report.

The Financial Services Agency has been considering whether or not to continue this working group, but it will resume discussion next month on how to form assets, assuming that domestic financial assets are not well managed, such as being biased to deposits. It was decided.

The working group is composed of the same experts as the previous one, and is expected to focus on the theme of asset formation methods suitable for generations, not just after retirement.

On the other hand, reports that have been criticized will continue to be posted on the website of the Financial Services Agency without amendment, saying that the discussions so far should be respected.

The FSA wants to get approval for these policies at a council meeting on the 25th of next week.