According to a report, the public prosecutor's office in Munich is investigating two members of the armaments industry for spying on employees of the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. According to a report in the newspaper Bild Airbus employees have come into the possession of secret files of the Bundeswehr, which apparently involves, inter alia, the procurement of a communication system. About 20 employees of the group were released according to the report on Tuesday. Files and computers were confiscated.

Airbus confirmed the process. The company informed the authorities according to their own information "proactively about the possibly unlawful treatment of individual employees with customer documents". An internal review with the help of an external law firm is ongoing. The case is related to "two future German procurement projects of the Line Communications, Intelligence and Security programs".

According to Bild , the Bundeswehr initiated disciplinary action against an employee. Greens budget expert Tobias Lindner told the newspaper that Airbus must "clear and clear up right away, and in normal economic life, if a company were to be so seriously suspected, it would immediately be banned from bidding."