According to the New York Times , Guantánamo Prison is the most expensive prison camp of all time. In 2018, the cost was more than $ 540 million, the equivalent of more than 490 million euros. Calculated on the number of the last 40 prisoners, each inmate costs around 13 million dollars a year.


High costs caused on the one hand the operation and the area with prison buildings of different security levels and its own special court, as well as construction work for the maintenance. Second, the personnel costs are high. A total of about 1,800 soldiers were employed and housed to guard the prisoners in Guantánamo - 45 per inmate. The staff also has a chapel, a cinema, two restaurants and their own medical team available.

Guantánamo is located in Cuba. The prison camp was built after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, to detain suspected Islamic terrorists without trial. In recent years, the area of ​​the camp was increased, at the same time, the number of inmates decreased. According to the newspaper, a total of 770 men and boys were detained in Guantánamo. For the last time a new inmate was taken in 2008.

In 2018, US President Donald Trump decided to keep the controversial situation in operation.

View of the entrance gate of the US naval base in Guantánamo Bay in Cuba
In front of the Camp Justice, where the military tribunals are held against alleged terrorists, tourists are posing for photos.
Outside the high security area where Guantanamo detainees are housed
In the prison area, an Arabic music show is played on a protected TV.
Prisoners prepare for the evening prayer.
What is allowed to the prisoners in their cells, issued during a sightseeing tour for the media
Arabic and English "Harry Potter" editions in the library of the prison camp
A prisoner wipes the floor in the common area.
Computer space where prisoners are allowed to communicate with relatives or lawyers via Skype
In the pharmacy
Examination chair in the clinic on which the prisoners are fixed
Pictures in the library, painted by prisoners
Equipment for force-feeding
In the common area is reported on the Mecca pilgrimage.
evening prayer
Treadmill outdoors
On the edge of the prison camp: parking ban
McDonald's branch on the naval base
Ball event for the marines
Memories of military units that served at Guantanamo
Barbed wire on the edge of Camp X-Ray, now a closed section of the prison camp