Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takashi "SIM lock promptly review the rules" September 18th 4:45


The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Takashi City, said that the “SIM lock”, which can only be used by mobile phone companies that have contracted smartphones, makes it difficult to transfer to other companies.

A new mobile phone charge rule will be launched next month, aiming to make it easier to transfer to another company by separating mobile communication charges and terminal charges.

In line with the start of the rules, SoftBank and KDDI announced a new system that greatly discounts the terminal price to include contractors of other companies, but it is assumed that SIM lock will be applied for 100 days, Experts pointed out that it is a system that substantially encloses the contractor.

On this day, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Takaichi, in response to an interview with the news media, said, “I want to promptly review the rules regarding SIM locks. I thought, "he said, and expressed his idea to review the lock period.

Currently, if you purchase a device in a lump sum payment, you can unlock it immediately, but in the case of installments, mobile phone companies are allowed to lock up to about 100 days.

In the future, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will discuss the review of rules at the meeting of experts.