Crude oil price rise "Diversification of suppliers" Economic Doyukai representative secretary September 17 18:44

Regarding the fact that oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia have been attacked and the price of crude oil has been rising, Mr. Hirota, representative of Keizai Doyukai, said at the press conference on the 17th that “there will be no crisis in the short term.” , He expressed his thought that continued efforts should be made to diversify crude oil suppliers.

Among them, Mr. Hamada said, “Even if oil supply is narrowed down in this situation, Japan has a stockpile of more than 230 days of domestic consumption. I can say that I won't fall. "

Based on the current situation in which Japan relies on crude oil in the Middle East, Mr. Hamada said, We should continue through the diplomatic route, "and expressed the idea that we should continue to focus on diversifying crude oil suppliers.