Crude oil futures price soars over 12% Saudi oil facility attack September 17 16:39

Concern about whether the supply of crude oil would stagnate globally due to attacks on oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia, the price of the crude oil market in Tokyo on March 17 has increased significantly by over 12%.

At the Tokyo Commodity Exchange on the 17th after the holidays, purchase orders gathered for crude oil futures immediately after the start of trading.

The closing price of crude oil prices in February next year, which is the center of the transaction, was 41,310 yen, which was 4470 yen higher than last weekend, or 12.1% as a percentage.

This is because the world's largest oil-related facility in Saudi Arabia was attacked and concerns over the stagnation of the global supply of crude oil increased.

The rate of price increase exceeded 10% for the first time in nine months since last December, when crude oil futures prices rose in response to global stock prices.

According to a market official, “Depending on the delay in the recovery of facilities under attack, the impact on the crude oil market may increase in the future. The tension in the Middle East may increase further. Many investors want to identify. "