The European Commission plans to levy its own tax on digital services should an attempt to regulate this at G20 level fail.

That is what former Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, who has been nominated as European Commissioner for Economic Affairs in the forthcoming Von der Leyen Commission, said.

"My first task will be to see if it is possible to introduce the 'web tax' at the OECD or G20 level," said Gentiloni in the Italian La Stampa newspaper.

"The Commission wants to reach an agreement there in 2020, but if that is not possible we will propose a European tax. We are not willing to wait," said Gentiloni.

European member states have been trying for years to do something about large tech companies that pay little or no tax in the countries where they are active. A plan to introduce a 'Googletkas' at European level has failed because a number of member states could not agree with this. Other countries, such as France recently, are not waiting for the rest of the EU Member States and have already introduced a tax on digital services themselves.