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US President Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rohani. AFP

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has "not expected" a meeting with his US counterpart Donald Trump on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, said Monday, September 16, the spokesman of the Iranian diplomacy.

Iran rejected any idea of ​​a meeting between President Rohani and US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, reports our Tehran correspondent Siavosh Ghazi. " A meeting between President Rohani and President Trump is not on the agenda ," said the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He added that the United States must first go back to the sanctions that hit hard the Iranian economy and reintegrate the 2015 nuclear agreement before any discussion.

These statements come amidst a high tension between Iran and the United States after the Yemeni rebels attacked Saudi oil facilities. Washington has accused Iran of being responsible for these attacks, which Tehran rejected.

President Trump even claimed that the United States could take military action against the person responsible for these attacks, without, however, naming Iran. Iran has denied any involvement in the attacks on oil installations in Saudi Arabia . At the same time, Iranian military officials said they were ready for a total war with the United States if the Americans went to war against Iran.

At the start of this new crisis: sanctions against Iran

It all starts with the tightening of US sanctions against Iranian oil. The Islamic Republic can no longer sell its crude on the international market. Strangled, its economy depends on the black gold is suffering.

But Tehran promises to fight back. President Hassan Rohani said it bluntly: "If we can not export our oil, no country in the region will export its own."

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Then came mysterious attacks on oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, where nearly one-quarter of the world's crude oil was shipped. In May, the great regional enemy, Saudi Arabia also wipes a first round of drone attacks against its oil facilities but less damaging than it last Saturday that have halved the production capacity of the kingdom.