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Smoke on the Abqaiq refinery in eastern Saudi Arabia after the drone attack claimed by the Houthi rebels. VIDEOS OBTAINED BY REUTERS / via REUTERS

A drone attack took place in the night from Friday to Saturday in Saudi Arabia, targeting two oil facilities giant Armaco. An attack then claimed by the Yemeni Houthi rebels. The Saudi government says the two fires that followed were controlled.

This is the third attack suffered in five months by the Saudi oil giant Aramco. The last time was on August 10, on a gas installation, " the most massive attack ever launched in Saudi Arabia, " according to Houthi rebels who claimed to have used no less than ten drones. This Saturday, September 13, the sites of Abqaïq and Khurais were targeted.

Abqaïq is home to the largest oil processing plant in Aramco , and Khurais is one of the main oil fields of this public company preparing its IPO. Objective for the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman: diversify the Saudi economy very dependent on oil.

Tehran support

This program, the Yemeni rebels, who regularly claim firing drones or missiles against Saudi targets, intend to disrupt it. This response to the airstrikes of the military coalition led by Riyadh since 2015 in Yemen, where the Houthi rebels are trying to repay the government.

Saturday's attacks add to the growing tensions in the Gulf region, following attacks and sabotage against oil tankers in May and June, attacks charged by Washington and Ryad in Tehran - which supports the Houte rebels. Tehran denies any involvement.