A number of trade unions are preparing for new promotions at KLM. This reports the airline that has sent the unions a new wage offer.

The wage offer would propose a structural wage increase of 7 percent with a collective agreement term of 2 years and 9 months or alternatively a wage increase of 8.5 percent with adjustment of the profit sharing scheme.

According to the airline, five unions are going to discuss the proposal internally. "

Cabin unions VNC and FNV Cabine and FNV Grond have rejected the final offer, to the disappointment of KLM, and have indicated that they are preparing for actions. KLM finds that incomprehensible, "the airline said in a statement.

KLM is in consultation with various trade unions about collective labor agreements for all staff. The ground staff have already deposited the work twice in actions organized by the FNV trade union. FNV suspended those promotions to go back to the airline again this week.