Stock price temporarily recovers from the 22,000 yen range

The Tokyo stock market on the 13th saw the purchase order spread to many stocks based on the view that the US and China would make a tentative agreement on trade negotiations, and the Nikkei Stock Average was temporarily around 4 months. It recovered to 22,000 yen level.

The closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average on the 13th was 20,1988.29 yen, 228.68 yen higher than the closing price on the 12th.

The Nikkei Stock Average rose for nine consecutive business days on the 13th.

The TSE Stock Price Index increased by 14.77 to 1609.87, with a daily volume of 1.868 million shares.

Market officials said, “A widespread view that the slowdown of the economy will be halted by reports such as the possibility of a tentative agreement on trade negotiations between the United States and China. Also, the yen depreciated against the dollar in the foreign exchange market Also encouraged buying orders. "