He said this in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Die Presse.

“As far as I know, users of OPAL facilities have been looking for years, but they haven’t found anyone, including Polish ones. In any case, this court decision does not affect OMV’s decision to finance the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

Along with this, he added that at the moment the decision of the EU court is not final.

“I assume that this is an inconclusive decision. With it, the OPAL gas pipeline would be half used. It cannot be that Poland has achieved something like this. In addition, infrastructure investments in Germany will lose profitability, ”he added.

On September 10, an EU court overturned the decision of the European Commission to change the regime for using the OPAL gas pipeline.

According to this decision, the Russian company had the exclusive right to 50% of the gas pipeline capacity and could acquire another 40% at auctions.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak announced the possibility of appealing the decision of the EU court on OPAL.

More details in the material RT.