The Amsterdam stock exchange has a new giant since Wednesday. After Shell and Unilever, Prosus is now also in the top three of the AEX. But what exactly is Prosus?

Prosus is one of the biggest companies on the Dutch stock exchange in one fell swoop, but unlike Shell or Unilever it is not very easy to tell what the company is doing. " Prosus is a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world ," it says.

But Prosus actually comes down to all the foreign activities of the South African tech giant Naspers.

All right. What exactly is Naspers then?

Naspers was founded in 1915 as the publisher of the African-language newspaper Die Burger , the name is therefore a combination of De Nasionale Pers. Not a new tech company, but an old company that had close ties with the government - something the company apologized for in 2015.

How did the publisher become a tech giant? Answer: one good investment. In the late 1990s, the company started investing in tech companies in emerging markets. One of those companies was Tencent - known from the Chinese app WeChat - where it invested $ 34 million. Tencent is now one of the most valuable tech companies in the world, but then still a relatively small start-up. The 31 percent share is now worth $ 130 billion. Count your winnings.

Why does Prosus go public?

Due to the enormous growth, the interest in Tencent has dominated the rest of the activities. Naspers is valued at 100 billion dollars (almost 91 million euros) in total, while the interest in Tencent alone is worth 130 billion dollars. Naspers hopes to remedy this undervaluation with the spin-off.

What does Prosus have interests in?

The company is among others in the Russian mail service, the Chinese competitor of Ctrip. The Dutch meal delivery company and its competitor Delivery Hero are also in attendance.

Beyond that list it is in many more companies, spread throughout the world - although Prosus's head office is now in Hoofddorp.

At the time of the prospectus of last August, the document that a company must submit in preparation for an IPO, these were all interests of Prosus:

Online market places:
OLX 100 percent
Avito 100 percent
Dubizzle 100 percent
Letgo 79.9 percent

Payment services :
PayU 98.8 percent
Remitly 21.8 percent

Meal deliverers:
Delivery Hero 22.3 percent 18 percent
iFood 54.8 percent
Swiggy 38.8 percent

Online retail
eMag 80.1 percent

Ctrip 5.6 percent

Tencent 30.99 percent 28 percent

Udemy 12.7 percent
Brainly 42.7 percent
SimilarWeb 24.2 percent
Codecadamy 21.1 percent
SoloLearn 15.3 percent
Honor 16.5 percent
BYJU's 11.6 percent
Movile 82.1 percent
Meesho 12.1 percent