The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) unexpectedly made a bid of £ 31.6 billion (€ 28.6 billion) on the London Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Hong Kong wants to "combine the two companies" with the proposal. A deal would redefine the global capital markets in the coming decades, said Charles Li, CEO of HKEX.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange also emphasizes in a press release that it has set itself the goal of strengthening the financial center of London in the long term. This comes at a time when many politicians are concerned about the position of the sector, which is uncertain due to the upcoming Brexit.

The announcement follows shortly after the purchase of financial data company Refinitiv by the London stock exchange. The purpose of the stock market was to become a global player that could compete with the financial services company Bloomberg LP.

An LSE spokesperson declined to comment on the message.