Employers' organizations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland argue in favor of sparing construction projects where nitrogen is released, if those projects produce climate benefits after completion. Different sectors suffer considerably from the "too one-sided focus on nitrogen", the organizations state in a ten-point plan presented on Tuesday evening.

Due to the nitrogen ruling that the Council of State (RvS) issued in May, some eighteen thousand projects in the Netherlands are at stake. This ranges from housing construction to recreational and agricultural projects.

"It cannot be explained that all sorts of projects that demonstrably reduce the ecological footprint of our country, such as the construction of wind turbines and cleaner factories, cannot go ahead now," said the organizations. In addition, the consequences for employment are huge, according to VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland.

The employers' organizations also mention in their plan the agricultural sector, where halving the herd should be "not an end in itself". Emissions could also be tackled in other ways that the sector would already be working hard on. "Moreover, this important sector is closely intertwined with other economic sectors such as the food industry."