82% of the businessmen are convinced that the measures launched by the Government in the form of a decree law in the first months of the year and during their acting period are negative for the economy and specifically for job creation and foreign investment .

According to the "Survey of the Circles" prepared by the Circle of Entrepreneurs among 400 executives and presented this morning with the Association of Journalists of Economic Information (APIE), the political blockade is extending far beyond the reasonable implementation of structural reforms that have been relegated to the background by the dispute between parties to form a government .

The needs of entrepreneurs are, therefore, far from what the political landscape offers them. Nine out of 10 ensures that their competitiveness is being harmed by the increase in Social Security contributions and, to a lesser extent but mostly, by the increase in the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI).

Not surprisingly, with these opinions, the Businessmen's Circle finds reasonable new elections to unlock the stage.

Its president, John de Zulueta, said during the presentation of the survey that "it would be better" to repeat the general elections rather than to have a government that includes "extremists", in reference to a PSOE pact with United We can, in Previous rounds of negotiation placed part of the labor policy under the command of training directed by Pablo Iglesias .

"Let us not forget that PSOE and Podemos do not have an absolute majority and we must seek additional agreements," said De Zulueta during the presentation of the "Survey of the Circles." "The repetition of elections would be better. It seems that the same will be more or less the same, but it can give a break and maybe some parties reconsider their position," he added.

The businessmen grouped in this organization defend a stable and central Government that includes PSOE, PP and Citizens, or at least PSOE and Citizens, " but without extremists."

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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