New element in the Sino-US commercial record. China on Wednesday released a list of US products that will be exempt from customs surcharges introduced last year.

China on Wednesday released a list of US products that will be exempted from customs surcharges set up last year, when Beijing and Washington are scheduled to meet in October for trade talks.

The two countries have been engaged in a trade war since 2018, resulting in the mutual imposition of tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of bilateral trade. The exemptions announced Wednesday will cover 16 categories of products, from September 17 and for one year: they range from pesticides to lubricants, through some pharmaceuticals, said the Chinese Government's Tariff Commission.

Other upcoming product lists

This is the first time China has published such a list since last year's application of surcharges of 25% on a series of products imported from the United States. Punitive tariffs will continue to apply to major categories of US-made agricultural products, such as soybeans and pork.

The Chinese Government, however, clarified that other lists of products exempted from customs surcharges could be announced after study and "in due course". Despite bilateral tensions, China and the United States ensure dialogue. Negotiators from both countries are due to meet in early October in Washington.