Stock price increased for 6 consecutive business days, September 10 16:07

Tokyo stock market on the 10th, the stock price rose.

The Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price on the 10th, is 73.68 yen, which is 73.68 yen higher than the 9th.

TSE Stock Price Index = Topics rose 6.88 to 1557.99.

The daily volume was 1,417.2 million shares.

The market official said, “The yen depreciated to the 107 yen level in the foreign exchange market, and as a result, purchase orders rose mainly for export-related stocks, and there was a scene where the price rose by more than 100 yen. There was also a move to sell stocks that had risen in order to secure profits, but after all, the Nikkei Stock Average rose for six consecutive business days and ended the transaction. "