Japan-China Economic Association visit "US and China solve problems through negotiations" September 10, 17:10

A delegation from the Japan-China Economic Association visiting China met with executives from the Ministry of Commerce in charge of trade on the 10th, and was concerned about the impact of the trade conflict between the United States and China on the global economy. And hoped to solve the problem through negotiations with the United States.

At the meeting, the Chinese minister of Ulsan first greeted, “China is not unilateral but emphasizes a multilateral trading system. If so, we have no choice but to fight, "criticizing that the Trump administration has repeatedly implemented additional tariffs on Chinese products.

In response, Shoji Muneoka, Counselor of Nippon Steel Co., Ltd., who is the head of the visiting group, said, “The conflict between the United States and China is likely to impede the growth of the global economy. I look forward to both countries trying to resolve the issue through negotiations. "

In addition, the delegation demanded a highly transparent and reliable operation of the new law “Foreign Investment Law” that stipulates the protection of intellectual property rights of companies that have entered China. It was.

The delegation of the Japan-China Economic Association is coordinating in the direction of meeting with the Chinese leadership on the 11th, and will continue to exchange opinions on strengthening economic cooperation as Japan-China relations improve. .