Yen exchange modest price movement September 9 18:10

The Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 9th of the week and the yen exchange rate were modest.

The yen exchange rate at 5 pm was 1 sen compared with last weekend, and the dollar was appreciating from 1 dollar = 106.96 yuan to 97 sen.

The euro was 17 yuan compared to last weekend, and the weak yen against the euro was 1 euro = 117.99 yen to 118.33 yen. The euro was 1 euro = 1.1031 to $ 32 against the dollar.

A market official said, “British parliament is expected to enact a postponement of the deadline for the withdrawal from the European Union on the 9th, but Prime Minister Johnson has not changed his attitude to leave at the end of next month. , The situation continues to keep an eye on parliamentary trends among investors. "