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The three mistakes that Carmen Calvo fails to explain in four hours with Podemos


"It is that you lack experience," reproached the vice president of the acting Government, Carmen Calvo, to the negotiating team of United We can in the long meeting of Thursday, of more than

"It is that you lack experience," reproached the vice president of the acting Government, Carmen Calvo , to the negotiating team of United We can in the long meeting of Thursday, of more than four hours, to justify her veto to form with them a coalition government with the PSOE. Calvo, 62, accumulates eight experience in the Junta de Andalucía and now has four, with Zapatero and Pedro Sánchez , in the Government of Spain, but he has been the protagonist or participant this week of three beginner mistakes with an economic impact that have managed to simultaneously amaze institutions as diverse as the party of Pablo Iglesias and the employer CEOE. "In what hands are we!" Exclaims a leader of the business organization not only for the content of the "common progressive program", but also, but for the fudge of the week in the vicinity of other elections and growing economic slowdown.


We can attend the meeting that when Calvo was asked about her amazing offer to grant them positions in, among other organizations, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), the vice president went through the branches and asked to focus on agreeing to the program . This is an unusual offer, because there are no vacancies in this key agency for the credibility of the national economy until November 2020 when the president, Sebastián Albella , and the vice president, Ana Martínez-Pina cease that - if they are not re-elected - they must also be replaced by "persons of recognized competence in matters related to the stock market", according to the Law. Enough has already become politicized in the past to return to that. Fortunately, we can not accept.


The PSOE had to rectify on Tuesday afternoon a proposal presented with solemnity in the morning by the President of the Government in office, which nothing less than proposed to prohibit the sale of diesel and gasoline vehicles in Spain in 2040. Not only in dealerships but that the Spaniard who had a used car in that year could no longer sell it. The plan destroys in practice the market of combustion vehicles since the next decade and aggravated this year when, according to the estimates of the manufacturers, the registrations have fallen by 21%. Instead, he estimates that the second-hand market has grown by 8.8%. That is, the Spaniards buy old cars - more pollutants - in case it is not worth spending the money on new ones - cleaner ones - in the face of regulatory doubts. The Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto , has pointed out privately that she learned that the PSOE raised the ban on the avalanche of complaints that had that day of leaders of the automotive sector, so key to her department. Didn't Calvo, government coordinator notify you? Then, already rectified the plan and in the internal meeting with Podemos, Calvo said it had been "an error" without further explanation. Minister María Jesús Montero , attributed it to "a subject of cut and paste" - are the programs to govern the fourth economy of the euro being done? - and her colleague Teresa Ribera , responsible for the area at the PSOE, keeps a suspicious silence public on how such a prohibition paragraph arrived at the document. However, the damage to the market continues and with opposite effect to the praiseworthy environmental purpose that it proclaims.


It was not Calvo but Sanchez himself who publicly proposed to create "an Office of Compliance with the Agreement, under the Ministry of Finance" so that Podemos can guarantee the agreement. Calvo did not explain it to Podemos and his deputy Yolanda Díaz declared in the Sixth that public resources should not be used for this in coincidence with the PP, which accuses even the socialist leader of "embezzlement." A spokesman for the Ministry does not explain to this newspaper how employees and public resources can be allocated to such an office: "It has not yet been addressed." Socialist veterans admit the fudge and attribute it to the poor administrative training of Iván Redondo , Sánchez's chief of staff, but don't others in the team like Calvo have it? And by the way, how did the meeting last four hours with such omission? "It's that Calvo, Montero and Lastra talk a lot," they reproach in Podemos. While they are chatting, Funcas' laboratory foresees that the first quarterly fall of Social Security affiliation since 2012 has been consolidated in these same days.

LA EFEMÉRIDE: Bankers and populists

About to turn 18 years of the so-called corralito of Argentina, this important country of the G20 is again approaching that financial mousetrap. Peronist candidate and favorite in the elections, Alberto Fernández , tried to reassure this week in Madrid to, among others, the president of Banco Santander, Ana Botín , who asked him to adopt, if he wins, "sensible policies." The official message of the Peronist is: "We are going to honor debts as usual, but don't ask us to do so at the cost of further deterioration of our people." Fernández said in different private meetings in Madrid that he is not a puppet of Cristina Kirchner and that he is aware of the economic reality. We will see. Latin American populists are a growing problem for Spanish banks. Also the president of BBVA, Carlos Torres, met in July with the Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

THE CHARACTER: To declare Monsoon ...

The former president and founder of Indra, Javier Monzón, is charged by Púnica at a time when he presides over Prisa and Openbank. The judge sees "Indra pleitees to the PP" by lending to pay debts of the party in Madrid in exchange for adjudicating rigged contests and argues that as "the indiciary criminal acts" lasted seven years! "They cannot be explained as an isolated episode that escapes Monsoon control." The founder of Indra maintains his innocence and neither Prisa nor Santander - owner of Openbank - have taken measures for presumption of innocence, but his long career is complicated. In the case of Openbank, banking regulations also apply. Jaime Herrero , a lawyer from the Bank of Spain, argues that to declare a banker fit and honorable, «the existence of relevant and well-founded investigations, both in criminal and administrative matters, is influenced.


BBVA will have to declare as an investigated institution in the Villarejo case on the 24th and logically prepares to accept to declare, contrary to what the bulk of its directors did last July. Its president, Carlos Torres, repeats since January that his intention is "maximum collaboration with Justice" and the bank cannot follow the usual advice of lawyers, which is not to testify while the case is under summary secret. BBVA itself has contributed the forensic report - which all points to the fact that it has helped the Prosecutor's Office to put together the investigation against the former head of Security, Julio Corrochano , among others - and it would be surreal if he did not answer questions about it. Meanwhile, the markets seem to discount that the maximum effect on BBVA would be a fine of tens of millions and they have just signed a convertible issue with high demand.

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