Denny's consumption tax increase part menu price reduction on some menu September 6 18:01

The family restaurant “Denny's” has decided to keep the price including tax by lowering the price of some of the best-selling menus so that the customer tax will not go away by raising the consumption tax rate next month.

By raising the consumption tax rate, the in-store dining at family restaurants will increase the tax rate to 10%, so the price including tax will increase.

Denny's says that if the customer feels that the price will rise, the customer may move away, and starting next month, seven menu items such as the popular “Japanese-style hamburger” will be priced down and the price including tax will be included. Decided to defer.

In addition, 85 menus, which is more than 60% of the total menu, renew the contents of the dishes and introduce new menus.

In addition, we will increase the number of stores that support take-out and home delivery, where a reduced tax rate of 8% is applied.

“We have a sense of crisis because we wo n’t get the support of consumers if we do n’t do anything,” said Satoshi Kamada, General Manager of Seven & i Food Systems, who operates “Denny's”. We will introduce a menu that takes into account the balance of

The family restaurant, “Gast”, is the largest company in the market, but keeps the main unit price and separates the tax-included prices for in-store dining and take-out.

“Saizeriya” will basically reduce the price of food and drinks in the store and keep the price including tax.