Cashless payment is also in progress at 7:31 on September 7


In line with the increase in the consumption tax rate next month, a cashless payment point return system will be implemented. If you pay with cashless payment at small and medium-sized stores, you can get up to 5% in points, but there are some regions where only a few stores are introduced.

The miscellaneous shopping street in Ota-ku, Tokyo has over 150 stores, but according to the shopping street association, only about 20% of the total have decided to introduce cashless payments so far.

One reason is that few customers use cashless payments. In this shopping street, there are many elderly customers, and NHK asked 30 people on the 6th, and only 5 people said they were using cashless payment.

One of the male customers said, “I don't know the latest machine is difficult and I am not good at it.

“The number of customers using cashless payments is low, and the introduction of stores is not progressing. I also understand the point-return system in line with the consumption tax increase.” It ’s difficult, and many people still do n’t understand. ”

At retailers with cashless payments

On the other hand, even if there are many elderly customers, there are stores that introduce cashless payment and explain how to use it in an easy-to-understand manner.

A women's clothing store in Hamura City, Tokyo, which has many elderly customers, introduced cashless payment using the QR code method on the 6th.

We introduced a system that uses smartphones to make payments. When the customer reads the QR code of the store and enters the fee, payment can be made automatically.

The store immediately explained how to use cashless payments and convenience to regular customers who visited the store.

Reiko Takeda, the owner of a women's clothing store, said, “Some older customers are refusing the new way, but cashless payments will spread rapidly, and if you can't use it, the customer will I want to call on people who have come to the store to use it. ”