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An Airbus A321 from the Aigle Azur company taking off in 2011. Javier Bravo Muñoz

After the placement in receivership of Aigle Azur and the resignation of its CEO, the bonds were suspended Thursday night, waiting for a buyer. Only scheduled flights this Friday will still be insured.

This is the worst case scenario for those who bought a ticket for the next few days. Not only is their flight canceled, so they must buy a new ticket with another airline, necessarily more expensive. But in addition, Aigle Azur because of its dry finances does not guarantee them compensation.

I'm supposed to return to Paris but suddenly, my ticket was canceled and we have no information. For the moment, they can not refund us, they do not answer, the numbers are unreachable, their branch offices are closed. So we must pay a ticket from his pocket, which still costs three times more, to be able to return home, it's still quite scandalous.

Lola, a passenger from Aigle Azur stuck in Porto 06/09/2019 - by Bruno Faure Play

In other words, they must turn to their insurance company, their travel agency, or much later, to the legal representatives who will be responsible for managing the debts of the company. Not very comfortable so, especially since these same passengers were often warned at the last moment, sometimes at the airport.

1,150 employees including 350 in Algeria

According to the testimonies, the staff of Aigle Azur, which represent about 1,150 people, including 350 in Algeria alone, do not seem much better informed, they who are in the greatest uncertainty about their own future.

The buyers have until Monday noon to come forward. It's short, but the slots that Aigle Azur has, especially at Paris-Orly, may interest competitors, traffic rights also to Algeria.

Left by its shareholders, will the company avoid liquidation and its disastrous consequences? The unions that will gather Saturday, September 7 in Orly do not hide their concern.