Sukiya Beef bowl side-by-side "In-store" "Takeaway" with the same price Announced on September 3 at 11:19

As the consumption tax rate is raised and the introduction of the reduced tax rate is approaching next month, “Sukiya”, the largest beef bowl chain, will increase the price of the main line of beef bowls for “in-house dining” that will increase the consumption tax rate. We have officially announced that the price will be reduced and the price including tax will be the same as for “takeaway”.

The tax rate will be 10% in the case of “in-store eating” due to the consumption tax rate increase from next month, but the 8% reduced tax rate will be applied to “take-away” food and beverages.

“Sukiya”, the largest beef bowl chain with more than 1,900 stores in Japan, will reduce the main price of beef bowl by 6,000 yen from the main price of 325 yen in the case of “in-store dining” from next month. Announced to be 319 yen.

As a result, even if a 10% consumption tax is added, the tax-inclusive price will remain at 350 yen, which is the current price, and it will be the same as the tax-inclusive price for “take-away”.

The company believes that consumer savings are persistent and wants to retain customers with substantial price cuts on its flagship products.

In other beef bowl chains,
▽ Because "Yoshinoya" keeps the price of the main body, the price including tax is different for "In-store dining" and "Takeaway"
▽ “Matsuya” has the same policy of including tax for “in-store dining” and “take-away”, but the price is still under consideration and the policy is divided by company.