Cashless decision point return 530,000 applications for screening September 3, 13:57

With regard to the cashless payment point reduction system implemented in conjunction with the increase in the consumption tax rate, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry revealed that 530,000 applications have been filed so far, and the system on the 1st of next month He expressed his thought to rush the examination in time for the start.

At a press conference after the cabinet meeting on the 3rd, Seko's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry revealed that the number of small and medium-sized stores that applied for participation in the point reduction system was 530,000 on the 2nd.

This is only about a quarter of the target of about 2 million stores nationwide, but Seko said, “In the first place, not all target stores are expected to participate, and it is assumed at the budget development stage. "The number of participants who went through was far exceeded," he said.

On top of that, Mr. Seko said, “We are reviewing each application, checking whether the application is actually open. It takes a certain amount of time. "I will do my best to be able to do so," and expressed the idea of ​​rushing the examination with the cooperation of payment operators such as credit card companies.

In order for small and medium-sized stores to participate in the cashless payment point redemption system from the 1st of next month, it is necessary to apply through the payment operator by the 6th of this month.