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The West Bank has inherited a Jordanian law that gives mitigating circumstances to murderers in case of honor crimes (photo illustration). Adam Kuylenstierna / EyeEm via Getty Images

#WeareIsraa, "we are Israa", is a hashtag that appeared on social networks, to pay tribute to Israa Ghrayeb, who died in suspicious conditions on August 22 and was the victim of an alleged honor crime. The 21-year-old from Beit Sahour in the southern West Bank was reportedly beaten by her family after posting a selfie with her boyfriend. An investigation is under way to determine the circumstances of the death, but the case is causing an unprecedented wave of indignation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. A protest was organized on 2 September in Ramallah to seek justice for Israa.

With our correspondent in Ramallah, Marine Vlahovic

Clasped behind a banner, there are a hundred to shout the name of Israa in the streets of Ramallah with one voice, Amal Khreishe director of an NGO is red with anger. " Israel is like those hundreds of Palestinian girls and like the thousands of women in the Arab world who have been killed by family members or companions because of the so-called family honor, we're fed up!" "

Isra's family claims that she suffered a cardiac arrest, but for these protesters, there is no doubt about it. After posting a selfie with her boyfriend, the young beautician was beaten by her family, and was again attacked on her hospital bed. A video, which has become viral on social networks, lets us hear his shrill cries.

For Dima Tadrouz, 23, the Palestinian Authority must take action as soon as possible. " There is no law that protects women and girls ," she says, " and those who have committed this crime must be convicted otherwise women in Palestine will not be safe because they do not feel safe. security when there is no law that holds families responsible for such crimes. "

Because the West Bank has inherited a Jordanian law that gives mitigating circumstances to murderers in case of honor crime. On average, about 20 women are killed each year in similar circumstances in the Palestinian Territories.

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