Dubai's economy has settled a commercial dispute between two companies operating in the emirate, by requiring one to return a sum of money to the other, after it was agreed in a commercial transaction between them, pointing out that the reason for the failure of the first company to meet the conditions and standards in the products and services subject to the agreement, Prompted her to complain to Dubai's economy.

After studying the dispute and verifying the documents submitted by both parties, the amount paid to the complainant must be returned, as the complainant does not meet the specifications and standards agreed upon in the trade agreement between the two parties.

The Commercial Complaints Division in the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector in Dubai's economy received a complaint from a trader who stated that he had agreed with a commercial company to install products and equipment in a range of his shops, but the company breached the agreement.

“The agreement between the two sides on the nature and nature of the equipment is that it suits the environmental conditions and the nature of the industrial and commercial activities carried out by the complainant,” said Ahmed Al Awadhi, Director of Business Protection.

He added that the company complained in its right to pledge to implement the agreement at the agreed time, but after a short period surprised the complainant merchant for the existence of malfunctions in the equipment that was installed, pointing out that the complaining company tried to communicate with the company complained against them to find out the causes and address the problem but to no avail, what The trader called for resorting to the Department of Business Protection to develop an urgent solution to his problem, as he is affected by this failure, which caused the disruption of starting his business and conducting his business until the safety of the equipment is confirmed.

Al-Awadhi stated that the employee of the Commercial Complaints Section contacted the parties and was briefed on the details of their contract. Technical reports supporting the complaint were verified. It was found through the follow-up and investigation that the equipment installed did not comply with the specifications and standards agreed upon in contract.

He said that he immediately contacted the complainant and confronted him to admit that he could not provide all the equipment with the agreed specifications, claiming that he tried to provide the equipment close to the agreed specifications and standards, and when he could not use the nearest required specifications that were not stipulated in the agreement. .

Al-Awadhi pointed out that the dispute was settled by informing the merchant (the complainant against him) to return the amount paid to the complainant due to the equipment that does not comply with the standards and specifications, provided that the complainant shall bear the amounts of the proper equipment only.

He said that the complainant trader thanked Dubai's economic efforts, its prominent role in protecting the rights of traders and supporting them and the speedy resolution of the complaint.

Al Awadi stressed that Dubai's economy always calls on traders to abide by the specifications and standards agreed upon, without taking any amendment or change to these standards and specifications only after consulting the other party and taking its approval, provided that it is clearly documented to ensure the rights of all contracting parties.