The approaching departure of Hudson's Bay department store chain from the Netherlands is no surprise to retail and brand expert Paul Moers. According to him, the department store chain made no effort to establish the Hudson's Bay brand in the Netherlands.

The Canadian chain Hudson's Bay opened two years ago and settled in the buildings in which the V&D department store chain was previously located. However, the Dutch adventure did not last long: Saturday it turned out that the fifteen branches would close their doors at the end of 2019. More than 1400 employees will be put on the street.

"Huge miss"

Moers: "Why did we have to go to Hudson's Bay? The company has never made that clear. For example, we all know why we are going to the IKEA. But Hudson's Bay has made no effort to put the brand in the Netherlands. That's a huge miss been. "

According to Moers, the department store did not do anything extra in the initial phase to attract people to the stores. "In Canada I saw quality stuff at Hudson's Bay at good prices. Then you lure people in. But that did not happen here. Nor does Hudson's Bay have an icon, such as the tompouce or sausage at HEMA. "

"60 percent staff made a mess of it"

According to Moers, the company has also dropped its contacts with its customers. "On social media, people with questions were asked to respond in French or English. That is too sad for words. The service in the stores also left something to be desired. About 40 percent of the staff were enthusiastic and fanatic , but the other part made a mess of it. "

In Moers' eyes, Hudson's Bay certainly had potential with nicely decorated shops and large fitting rooms. "But in the end they were too close to the Bijenkorf in terms of prices. A lot of money has been invested, but they have stacked up wrongly. It is a shame, because this again creates a huge gap in the shopping streets. You won't get such large buildings more easily filled. "

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