The airports of Madrid and Barcelona face today another day of great activity, since we are in full operation return from vacation, which will be complicated by strikes called by workers of different airlines. In both airports there are also calls for stoppages.

El Prat and Barajas surpassed the fifth strike day of Iberia's land personnel yesterday, but those affected complain about the lack of planning and information while UGT, the convening union, warns that the stoppages will be extended to September if the Worker conditions do not improve.

After canceling 92 flights in Barcelona, Vueling is the company most weakened by the strikes in Iberia. The low cost airline, the heaviest in El Prat, will leave 15,000 customers grounded by the strike.

British Airways, also of the IAG group, has suspended 14 flights in Barcelona. Iberia has canceled 104 flights in Spain due to a labor protest that coincides with those of Ryanair and Renfe in full vacation return operation. These strikes are added by the security guards of the Barcelona airfield, which have been running for 22 consecutive days with almost no incidents.

Minimum services

Just ten minutes of orderly queue were enough yesterday to cross the security arches at terminal T1 of El Prat, which operated relatively normally despite the two strikes. Trablisa workers, members of the former staff of Eulen, comply with the minimum services of 90% decreed by the Government. "We have the Civil Guard on top, watching that the pace is what they consider appropriate," said one of the employees yesterday.

They also protested Iberia and Vueling customers whose flights had been canceled without prior notice. Angélica Cholan, a Peruvian resident in Barcelona, ​​undertook a trip "planned for months" to her hometown, Trujillo, which has had to be postponed. Surrounded by suitcases next to a customer service point, the Iberia passenger regretted having learned "at the same airport" that her airlift had been canceled.

Iberia estimated the follow-up of the strike at 11.71% in Barajas and 14.36% in El Prat, where 53 departures and 35 arrivals were attended yesterday. UGT, meanwhile, estimated the monitoring of unemployment in Madrid at 75%. The strike of the ground staff has forced Iberia to cancel a hundred flights, including several Air Nostrum connections, without any Vueling operation in Madrid being affected, according to airline sources.

Meanwhile, the president of the Iberia Barcelona works council, José Antonio Ramírez (UGT), threatened further mobilizations in September if the company does not offer an "immediate" solution to the precariousness of the workforce. Today there is a strike again.

As for the partial stoppages in Renfe yesterday (there will be another strike on Monday) forced 222 passenger trains of the 601 that were scheduled to circulate to be canceled throughout Spain.

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