ING will compensate the freelancers who have been duped by the financial problems at flex company TCP Direct. ING had already paid the accounts for June to TCP Direct, but the payroller did not pay the self-employed.

ING is therefore paying the bills for June again. "From a good commissioning point of view, ING believes that the uncertainty of external employees and suppliers about payment should come to an end," the bank said.

The way in which invoices are paid is still unclear. "This is preferably done via TCP Direct BV. However, ING is looking at a second scenario. The second scenario means that the current contracts are being converted to other brokers," said ING. The bank also works together with Brainnet and FastFlex.

A few millions

Some self-employed people were already threatening to leave the bank. Many self-employed people would get a few thousand euros off the bank too well. In total it would be a few million.

TCP Direct, a subsidiary of TCP Solutions, received a moratorium on payments a week ago. According to TCP, a capital provider suddenly withdrew. In addition, TCP Solutions is waiting for a payment of 7 million euros from a major customer.

TCP Solutions is an important partner of ING, which manages the payments and administration of the bank's flexi skin.