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A demonstration experiment of a large truck that runs almost completely automatically without a driver needing to operate it in a specific place is being released in Hokkaido.

Autonomous driving of large trucks Demonstration experiment released Hokkaido August 29, 19:17

A demonstration experiment of a large truck that runs almost completely automatically without a driver needing to operate it at a specific location has been released in Hokkaido.

The demonstration experiment was conducted jointly at a sugar factory in Shari-cho, Hokkaido by a truck manufacturer, a transportation company, and Hokuren in an attempt to respond to the driver shortage, which is a concern in the future due to the declining labor force.

The technology of automatic driving is divided into 5 levels from “Level 1” to “Level 5”.

In the experiment released on the 29th, we verified the function of almost automatic driving, which is called “Level 4” and does not require the driver to operate only on specific places such as highways.

A driver rides for the experiment, but the hand does not touch the handle.

This experiment was the first large truck to be performed on a public road for the first time in the country, so after running 200 meters on the national road, slowly entered the factory, stopped the car at the sugar beet accumulation center and processed Or parked back on the line.

The person watching the experiment applauded that the truck successfully stopped on the processing line as planned.

Takamitsu Sakamaki, president of major truck manufacturer "UD Trucks", which develops autonomous driving trucks, "I want to put it to practical use as soon as possible. I want to promote mass production. "

What is the level of automatic driving

Automatic operation is divided into five stages, from level 1 to level 5, depending on the function.

Driving assistance such as automatic braking to avoid collisions and maintaining lanes is level 1.

Level 2 is driving assistance, such as automatically following the previous vehicle at a certain distance while maintaining the lane.
This level 2 is currently in practical use in Japan.

Level 3 is that the driver leaves all maneuvers to the system under certain conditions, such as on highways, except in an emergency.
Next year, it is expected to be put to practical use on expressways.

And this time, the level 4 that the truck manufacturer conducted the demonstration experiment is a fully automatic driving limited to a specific place such as a highway.
The government is to prospect the year 2025, we aim to practical use of the highway.

In addition, level 5 is fully automated driving anywhere.

In the automobile industry, the competition for development of autonomous driving technology is getting fierce, involving IT companies, etc., and Honda is going to establish level 3 technology by next year. It is planned to introduce the car that was put in.

Advances in autonomous driving are expected to reduce the burden on drivers, reduce accidents, and eliminate the shortage of truck and bus drivers.

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